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My fics will be now be posted over here: theborogoves a fic community where in additon to my stuff you will also find a lot of things by writers who are way, way better than I am. So you should go. Join, watch, read.

I'm not moving any of this stuff, but anything new I'm sticking over there.

Go look.

Go theborogoves

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Title: Like yellow does on blue
Fandom/Ship: Drake&Josh, Drake/Josh, Craig/Eric.
Rating/Warnings: Um... Angst? Slash? Stepbrother love? I suppose implied naughtiness.. but only a little- So- teenish? Just cause I rate everything at least teen, for safety.
Author's Note/Summary: Every time I watch, "Paging Dr. Drake," I'm annoyed with the fact that we never learn WHY Josh hates hospitals so much. I mean, I love Drake's slutty ways and general cluelessness and the boys using accents as much as the next girl, but you can't give me something like, "Josh is so afraid of hospitals he left his foot swell to ten times it normal size," without a real reason. It just sits in my head and BEGS for fanfiction then. Plus, almost from the first episode I saw of D&J I've been wondering about Josh's mom, and I've long been convinced she died(Josh's instant taking to and love of Audrey? I mean I know Josh is a sweet kid, but its kind of, 'i need a mom' behavior to me, plus Walter just strikes me as the endlessly devoted type..so yeah), and that coupled with Josh's unexplained hospital fear?

It lead to this. 4,300(!) Words of angsty, Josh centric, slashy fanfiction. With Craig and Eric love too. Cause I can.

A couple quick things:
1. I know Josh cries in "Megan's first kiss", but 'I'm so touched by Megan's admitting she loves us' tears, are not the same as, 'breaking down' tears.
2. For the sake of this fic, and my sanity, let's just assume that at some point before this story takes place Drake told Josh about his dad, and then when Drake asked Josh about his mom, Josh like, distracted him with a pretty girl or something. K?

Disclaimer: I got a friend of a mine hooked on the show, and now she is DVRing and watching every episode like a junkie(this show does that to the best of I us I think), and in a e-mail she referred to them as, "my boys." Unfortunately, that is the closest I will ever come
to owning them. *sigh* not mine.

In some ways it is totally unsurprising that the one person to see Josh break down and fall apart is DrakeCollapse )
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Title: Gotta give it up where credits due
Rating: Teen
Fandom/Ship: Drake and Josh, Megan centric, implied D/J slash
Warning: language, stupid 14-year-old boys.
Words: 1,800
Summary: Just a little Megan centric ficlet. Megan's never been good at 'turning the other cheek' so when a classmate says something unforgivable-Megan makes him pay.
Disclaimer Not mine. Not even a little.

Megan Parker was about to blowCollapse )

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Title: Wake up by my side.
Author's Note/Summary: Drake is a force. He is exhilarting, and terrifying- and Josh needs him. Angst then fluff.

This fic actually came out of the same conversation that brought on "Completion." It made me think about how the boys think about each other, how they need each other, but how its different for both of them. This is Josh's PoV. Small references to "Josh is Done." Set after "Really Big shrimp" although how long after I'm not sure. It doesn't really matter.

Fandom/Ship: Drake and Josh, Drake/Josh
Rating/Warnings: Teenish. Some swearing, some naughtiness.
Words: 1,500.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Its an unfair advantage, but most days, Josh doesn't mindCollapse )

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Title Completion

Ship/Fandom Drake/Josh, Drake & Josh

Rating Teen for mentions of sex, a curse, oh and slash, obviously.

Words 2,005

Author's Note/Summary: Drake gets potentially life altering news. He knows he can't handle it without Josh. Josh leaves his date for Drake, and the boys figure a few things out. Fluff and more Fluff.

This is one ran away from me. It all started with a conversation I had about how Drake seems to take their fights harder then Josh does, and then my wonderful roommates who kept throwing ideas and suggestions at me, "Steph you have to have them...." and, "You know what I've always wanted to see?" And then the story took on a life of its own and ended up this.

So for Katie, who told me not to let it just be one-sided, unrequited angst, and for Megan, who's suggestion I actually ended up using.

Disclaimer: If the boys where mine... well then the show itself would have sex and swearing and such, but sadly they're not. I just write fanfiction.

But what if there is EVERY reason to freak out?Collapse )

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Title: Bad Movie Tuesdays
Fandom/Ship: Drake and Josh, Drake/Josh
Rating: Umm M? Yeah this may be the dirtiest thing I've ever written. Slash- smutty slash....M
Disclaimer: Oh how I wish I owned these boys. But I don't.
Word Count: 675
Summary/Author's note: I just found Drake and Josh, like three weeks, and I've been watching all the episodes I can get my hands on like a crazy person. After watching, "Josh is done," I just couldn't get the idea of 'bad movie tuesdays' out of my head. Its just so cute, and I really wanted there to be a fic about it somewhere, but I couldn't find one, and the idea just wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote one myself. So I present, Drake/Josh movie theater smut. I just had to.

Its like the theater wants us to do thisCollapse )

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Title: Back to you
Rating: PG or so.
Fandom/Ship: HSM, Chad/Ryan, Sharpay/Chad friendship, Sharpay/Ryan friendship.
Words: 2015
Disclaimer: I totally bought High School Musical. Really, with that whole five dollars I have in my bank account, I bought it.
Summary: Written for idio_cynic's Fic exchange. Prompt from tehfuzzypenguin who wanted: Chad/Sharpay, Sharpay/Kelsi, Ryan/anything, or any other minor-character pairings, not necessarily romantic, in a major city besides New York or Albuquerque. Which lead me to this. Sharpay and Chad are both estranged from Ryan and in college in Pittsburgh. Will meeting up one night convince them both its time to reconcille with Ryan? Past Chad/Ryan, Evans twins angst, and Sharpay/Chad friendship.

It'll be just like Queer as Folk!Collapse )

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Title: Living in a Daydream
Fandom/Ship: HSM, Chyan
Rating: Super tame... um PG? Fluff.
Disclaimer: Not mine in anyway at all.
Summary: Written for Challenge 2 at idontdance Ryan has a crush on Zeke, can Chad change his mind? Includes: make up, chocolate chip cookies, and something stolen.

He was going to kill Sharpay, he really wasCollapse )
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Title: Practice Makes Perfect.
Summary: Confused Josh, Seductive Drake. When a classmate accuses Josh of being gay, he vents to Drake who doesn't react in quite the way Josh expected.
Ship/Fandom: Drake/Josh, Drake and Josh
Rating: Teenish or so? Slashy step-brothers, a bit of naughtiness..nothing too bad
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Well, ok I do own a lot of shoes, and but Drake and Josh? Not so much.

Drake was greedy his kiss was hungryCollapse )

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Title: Somewhere between unsure and a hundred
Summary: The Mcdonald-Venturi clan suffers a tragedy. Derek is left feeling guilty and depressed. Angsty. Dasey. One Shot.
Warnings: Swearing, because Derek is angry and lots of angst, and ummm distress? Unhappiness?
Disclaimer: Not even close to being mine.

The how I can't recallCollapse )
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